asked for by Darshita Babubhai Shah in Urdu Poems PDF

asked for book and story is written by Darshita Babubhai Shah in Urdu . This story is getting good reader response on Matrubharti app and web since it is published free to read for all readers online. asked for is also popular in Poems in Urdu and it is receiving from online readers very fast. Signup now to get access to this story.

طلب کیا

Darshita Babubhai Shah Matrubharti Verified by Urdu Poems

موت کو دوست کہتے ہیں۔ زندگی نے مجھے بہت رلا دیا۔ لوگ محبت کے لیے چاہیں گے۔ سامنے سر جھکا لیا لیکن زندگی بھی اے سی ہے۔ آئیے ہنستے ہوئے جیتے ہیں۔ ملنا نصیب کی بات ...Read More